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2008 Conferences

Quicklinks: SMPT Annual Meeting
Sponsored Session at AAR Annual Meeting

2008 SMPT Annual Meeting

Location: Languages and Communications Building (LNCO) and Orson Spencer Hall (OSH),
University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Thursday, March 27th

3-5 pm
LNCO 1110
William Chamberlin Session
    “Rethinking Omniscience”
      Adam Kunz, Jeremiah Edwards, and Kenneth Merrill
    “Redeemers and the Redeemed”
      Stanley Thayne
    “Toward a Latter-day Saint Theology of Possibilities”
      Dennis Wendt
    Comments by Blake Ostler

7 pm
Related event:
Tanner-McMurrin Lecture, at Westminster College*
   “God as Present and God as Absent”
     Stephen Davis

Friday, March 28th

9 am
OSH 104
Plenary Session
“Lehi’s Theorem and Schelling’s Fundamental Law of Opposites”
    Jad Hatem
10 am
LNCO 1100
“A Broken Mirror Image: Original Sin in LDS Theology”
    Sheila Taylor
11 am
LNCO 1100
Author Meets Critics:
    Blake Ostler’s Exploring Mormon Thought, vol. 2

2 pm
LNCO 1100
Presidential Address
    James Faulconer, President of the Society
2:25 pm
LNCO 1100
Panel: “Authority and Church Doctrine”

4 pm
LNCO 1100
“Rethinking Atheology”
    Brian Birch

7:30 pm
LNCO 1110
Plenary Session
“Philosophical Theology for Mormons: Suggestions from an Outsider”
    Stephen Davis

Saturday, March 29th

9 am
LNCO 1110
“Opposing Lehi’s Theodicy”
    Dennis Potter
10 am
LNCO 1110
“Shall We Dance”
    Pat Debenham
11 am
LNCO 1110
Author Meets Critics:
    Mormonism in Dialogue with Contemporary Christian Theologies

2 pm
LNCO 1110
“The Mormon Credo”
    Dan Graham
3 pm
LNCO 1110
“Conscience and the Light of Christ”
    Richard Sherlock and Grayson Weeks
4 pm
LNCO 1110
“Searching for an Adequate Theodicy: Mormon and Process Theologies”
    David Paulsen
5 pm
LNCO 1110
Business Meeting
    (SMPT Members)

   *sponsored by Westminster College and the Tanner-McMurrin Lectureship, independently of this conference.

American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting
(SMPT Sponsored Session

Location: Chicago, Illinois
(locations of individual sessions listed below)

Sunday, November 2nd

Palmer House Hilton, Salon 8 & 9
"Restoration, Revelation, and Doctrinal Authority"
     James McLachlan, Western Carolina University
     Brian Birch, Utah Valley University
     Donald Musser, Stetson University
     Richard Sherlock, Utah State University
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